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Platt Instructors Creatively Collaborate For International Day of Peace

September 8th, 2015 |

Peace, Painting & Partnerships

This September 21st, Platt College will be hosting an event celebrating the United Nation’s International Day of Peace. As well as Playing For Change Day which happens on September 19th. The United Nations organizes the International Day of Peace event every year and has chosen the theme “Partnerships for Peace- Dignity for All” for the 2015 celebration. While Playing For Change Day is a global event that promotes social change through music.Platt College Instructors Creatively Colloborate For International Day of PeaceThe event first was introduced to the Platt College staff by our own sound design teacher, Catherine Zane. She first became involved with the United Nations for their Day of Peace by working with a sub committee of theirs , her official title is Music Peace Team Member of the International Day of Peace NGO committee at the United Nations. Catherine has also been involved with an after school music program called Music 4 Peace San Diego, where she works with students of all ages.Platt College Sound Design Teacher, Catherine Zane
When asking Catherine what first inspired her to work with kids she explained, “It’s a different environment when you’re working with kids. You’re nurturing their creativity and you get watch them blossom and grow as artists. It’s not always about struggling to get that perfect take. It’s less serious and more about being free and learning through experience.”
Art and Design teacher, Grace Ann Piano, was brought in to add an extra special touch to our Day of Peace. When Catherine brought up the idea of Platt participating in this celebration, she mentioned that we should add a creative spin to it by painting a mural to be displayed here on campus. Grace seemed to be a natural choice to collaborate with because of her previous experience painting murals all throughout San Diego. Grace explained, “That’s my specialty and I love it!”Platt College Art & Design Teacher, Grace Ann PianoWhen asked where we could place the new mural, Grace immediately thought that the wall in our vending hallway could use a face lift. So we will be taking down the chalkboards and replacing them with a giant PEACE mural designed by Grace that will be used as guideline. The students are invited to interpret Peace in their own way by freestyling their designs around the word PEACE in the mural. She wanted this project to be something peaceful, fun and that our students could feel special about being a part of.Platt College Instructors Creatively Colloborate For International Day of PeaceDon’t be afraid of painting! Grace will help you and it will be a great time! You get to be part of something fun and creative. All of our students, staff and alumni are invited to help paint our new mural. The mural painting will take place September 15-18th and the unveiling of the mural and International Day of Peace celebration with be on September 21st in the courtyard during all breaks. For more information on other ways you can get involved with the International Day of Peace and Playing For Change. Check out the websites below! can also check out more mural work from Grace Ann Piano through her website:

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