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Platt Presents: Pop! Art! Cosplay! Culture!

August 26th, 2015 |

Platt College San Diego presents Pop! Art! Cosplay! Culture! at Crushed in Pacific Beach

Platt College San Diego presents Pop! Art! Cosplay! Culture! If you missed the pulsating and animated student pop art that was on display at the movie premiere of Cosplay Dreams, hosted by Natasha Englehardt of Platt College-San Diego, here is your second chance! The dynamic duo Natasha Englehardt and Nicole Lewis collaborated to bring you Pop! Art! Cosplay! Culture!

Pop! Art! Cosplay! Culture!  Is an electrifying graphic design and visual arts infusion of pop art, cosplay images, comics, superhero idols and popular icons that will be on display at Crushed in Pacific Beach, San Diego. The show opens this Wednesday, August 26 at 7pm and will feature art by Platt College-San Diego students.

What:  Pop! Art! Cosplay! Culture!

When:  August 26- September 9

Where: Crushed in Pacific Beach-San Diego 

Exhibition Reception: Wednesday, August 26th @ 7 PM

This exhibition was curated by Nicole Lewis, Platt College- San Diego Librarian|Instructor|Curator |

In collaboration with Natasha Englehardt Platt College-San Diego Social Media|Marketing Coordinator |

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Social Media Coordinator, Educational Representative and Platt College VFX Alumni. Likes bunnies, video games, cooking and taking frequent trips to Disneyland.

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