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Platt College San Diego Students visit Hanger B Studios

August 27th, 2018 |

This past week Platt College San Diego 3D and Video students had an opportunity to visit a local studio here in San Diego. Hangar B Studios is the home of the Production Crate team. They are a local San Diego YouTube channel put on by Christopher Kelly. The team has grown to five since 2009 specializing in VFX, Motion Graphics, Sound FX, and Music. Our instructors connected with them and they provided some of our students with a behind the scenes look at some of the production that goes into making a YouTube channel. It was pretty exciting and the class also got to watch as Mike Smith took some images in order to scan the head of one of the team members. We are looking forward to working with the Production Crate team, check out some of their assets and tutorials on their website.

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