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Platt College Students Visit Groovy Like A Movie

March 19th, 2015 |

Platt College Students Visit Groovy Like A Movie

A big thank you to Tom Antl, producer and director of Groovy Like a Movie, for greeting our class at the studio and showing us the behind-the-scenes for big and smaller projects: a studio for large crowds, another for smaller groups (including guests on Skype), a podcasting studio, editing and production rooms, the hair and makeup room, etc. Motion Designer Ryan Trenhaille also talked about his experiences working on films such as, Titanic 3D, Thor, Captain America, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and The Avengers. Writer and producer Robert Watkins shared some best practices and tips about writing for video, and the differences in writing for web, video, or technical brochures. Anyone want to try diagramming sentences? Some other tips from Robert, Ryan and Tom:Lynda Felder Lynda Felder teaches Multimedia Writing at Platt College San Diego. She has written extensively for both print and digital media, for corporations, non-profits and education. Received a Hopwood Award for poetry as well as awards and recognition for marketing literature, websites, and computer-based training.

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