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No Doubt Features Platt Student Natasha Englehardt’s Art!

May 16th, 2013 |

Platt Student Natasha Englehardt Receives Recognition From No Doubt

When Platt College student Natasha Englehardt created a portrait of Gwen Stefani for her first Term 2 Illustrator class over a year ago, she had no idea what it would mean to her in the future. The project was to create a portrait of either themselves or someone that they admire using the tools they had learned in the class. Having been a fan of No Doubt since she was 10 years old she decided to create one of Gwen Stefani. For the past several months the Grammy award winning band, No Doubt, has been encouraging fans to submit art to them so they could share it on their social media sites. In hearing this Natasha jumped at the chance to have her artwork featured for other fans to view and appreciate. Little did she know that the fan art submissions would later be part of a fan art contest.Platt Student Receives Recognition From No Doubt She received an email one morning from No Doubt’s Social Media Manager that was very vague in details, stating that he represented No Doubt and Gwen Stefani and that they wanted to send her something in the mail. This was, of course, very exciting news but she still had no idea what exactly they were sending. A sticker? Maybe a free t-shirt? …However, it was none of the things she thought.
Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal of No Doubt took the time to pose for a picture with Natasha's art before sending it to her!
Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal of No Doubt took the time to pose for a picture with Natasha’s art before sending it to her!
What No Doubt had sent her was a copy of her portrait that they had printed on canvas with Gwen Stefani’s autograph! She had been the first person selected out of hundreds of fan art submissions to have her work printed and autographed. As an artist there can be no better acknowledgement of your talent then to have a childhood idol appreciate your work! Natasha was thrilled to have Gwen sign the portrait she had made of her. No Doubt is definitely a wonderful band for taking the time to show love to their fans in such a creative way!
Gwen Stefani
The portrait of Gwen Stefani created by Natasha Englehardt
Social Media has become such an important way for people to connect and share things that they love with others. Natasha’s advice to other Platt students would be to post your art anywhere you can on the internet because you never know who might see your work. She currently uses sites like deviantART, Society6 and Instagram to promote her artwork. Natasha earned her Graphic Design Associates Degree and is now continuing with her Bachelor of Science Media Art emphasizing in 3D Animation at Platt College!! She works as the Social Media Assistant for Platt College’s very own Social Media Department. We are all very proud of Natasha’s talent and ambitious efforts! Imagine what she will create using her 3D Animation education and tools! To view more of Natasha’s work or to purchase her Gwen Stefani portrait picked by No Doubt check out her work here:Natasha’s Art on Society6Natasha’s PortfolioNatasha’s DeviantART Gallery

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