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San Diego Repertory Theatre Exhibit

October 11th, 2004 |

The San Diego Repertory Theatre (at the Lyceum • Horton Plaza) has asked Platt College students to display their works from September 26th – October 31st, 2004. Marketa Hancova (student counselor/instructor) replies, “Platt College and The San Diego Repertory Theatre have had a great relationship for over 7 years. They have been familiar with the outstanding work of our students and that is why they contacted us to exhibit in their halls.” The exhibit features both fine and digital artwork: Marker portraits and products, pencil drawings, oil painting, life drawing, airbrush/tape, Adobe Photoshop creations and imaginative Adobe Illustrator work. 27 students in all contributed their works: Devon Hassett, Andy Schmidt, Dan Sanborn, Phaik Chupco, Juan Lopez , Brad Christopherson, Mike De Rubertis, Sebastian Macias, Kevin Staab, James Brown, Jacob Rahman, Chris Prieto, David Shepard, Melisa Cabral, Rachelle Martin, Justin Martinez, Diana Brandt, Shane Lavery, Norma Gourdin, Kyle Combe, Illona Broyes, Travis Kahl, Jose Flores, Maricela Martinez, Laith Jensen, Marshall Brushfield and Joni Ruethling.

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