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March 11th, 2013 |

Platt College students are encouraged to take their learning beyond the classroom and challenge themselves

Digital Video Production Artists Melvin Graham, Darryl Vickers and Ethan Leonard II did just that when they collaborated on an ambitious web series featuring local musicians. Chances are if you are a student or faculty member at Platt College San Diego you may have heard of  their series called Sessions. Sessions was created by students with a love for music and the local San Diego music scene. Natasha Englehardt, Platt College’s Social Media Assist, recently had the opportunity to interview the production team who started it all: Melvin Graham, Darryl Vickers and Ethan Leonard II.
Melvin Graham, Ethan Leonard II and Darryl Vickers
Melvin Graham, Ethan Leonard II and Darryl Vickers
Enjoy the interview and be sure to show your continued support to our talented students by following them on their social media channels found below.  

The Session’s Interview:

Natasha: For those who haven’t heard of Sessions yet tell me a little about what Sessions is and what you do.Melvin: Sessions is more than just a web series about local San Diego talent, we also bring them in for a video interview and live recording. It’s become a real movement and a cause creating a platform for local artists to share their passion.Ethan: It’s a great way for people to learn and know more about the musical process of local musicians without limiting the audience to a specific genre of music.Natasha: When did you first decide to put the Sessions team together and what was your main inspiration for creating this web series?Darryl: Melvin mentioned it would be cool to start interviewing artists, we then brought Ethan in and one idea led to another over the past 6 months.Melvin: We first worked with Ethan on a project for the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project called Back to You. Ethan was a real go-getter.Darryl: When we first learned of Ethan’s background in film we were impressed that for being as young as he is he knows a lot about video. He already has about 6 or 7 years experience.Ethan: I’ve always tried to stay constantly involved in projects outside the classroom.Natasha: Since Sessions is about the local San Diego music scene, who has been your favorite artist that you’ve featured so far?Darryl: I don’t have a favorite, no one artist is relished more. All have been really great!Melvin: They have all been great. But there’s a guy named Caddy and his story has inspired me. He’s from Tanzania and he talked about the genocide and wars there. He knew he wanted to make it to the U.S. to come educate himself. And he uses his music as more than just a hobby.Ethan: There hasn’t been any bad interviews either. Buffalo Picnic was one of my favorites. Mike Infante a student at Platt has brought his band far and recently they released an EP. Buffalo Picnic is making it happen for themselves!Natasha: You are all students at Platt College what have you learned from your education here that has helped you the most with Sessions?Melvin: Being receptive to criticism and learning time management have helped a lot. Also encouragement to go beyond the textbooks to learn more.Ethan: The critiques in class are also a great part of the curriculum here.Darryl: It’s great that the teachers and faculty are excited and supportive of students collaborating together on projects.Natasha: You’re almost done recording your first full season of Sessions. What has been your favorite part of the experience so far?Melvin: The anticipation has been entertaining. You never know who you are going to meet next! Darryl: Putting the footage together after filming. Then posting it online and seeing it generating a buzz is exciting.Natasha: What has been the biggest challenge with getting Sessions started?Melvin: Any great idea will have critics. Trying to get people to see our vision and understand the potential is tough. It should be easy and sometimes people want to add stuff to it that will make it more difficult than it needs to be.Darryl: People don’t see the vision even though it’s so simple!Ethan: Reliability, definitely. People hear an idea and get excited. But when it comes time to put in the work people don’t want to help anymore. Also, having to change filming locations last minute is stressful.Melvin: Potholes and hurdles can make it tough. You need to have a thick skin in this industry.Natasha: Is there any advice you would give others that are thinking of pursuing and creating their own web-video series?Melvin: It takes a lot of marketing and promoting to get people to know what is Sessions. It’s very important to get your presence out there.Natasha: What’s next for Sessions after you complete your first season?Ethan: We definitely want to have a Season 2. But funding can be an issue. We are launching a kickstarter campaign that should help with things like equipment for filming.  Be sure to come show your support for Sessions at their Kickstarter Campaign Event, Friday March 29th from 7pm to 10pm. Location for the event is the Bamboo Lounge: 1475 University Ave., San Diego 92103 For more information on Sessions and how you can show your support for their recent kickstarter campaign check out the links below!Sessions on FacebookSessions on TwitterSessions Kickstarter Page

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