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Sneak Peek: Extraordinary Ideas Exhibit

August 19th, 2016 |

Sneak Peek: Extraordinary Ideas Exhibit  

New Extraordinary Ideas Exhibit At The San Diego Natural History Museum

 We were given a special sneak peek tour of the new Extraordinary Ideas exhibit this morning. It’s part of the San Diego Natural History Museum at Balboa Park and opens to the public tomorrow, August 20th. The exhibit focuses on citizen scientists (aka ordinary people) who had no scientific background other than a passion for a particular subject and managed to become experts in their field. This exhibit is opening in what used to be the museum’s private research library and they decided to open it up to the public so that everyone can enjoy these extraordinary ideas!Sneak Peek: Extraordinary Ideas Exhibit  They even have fun area that they call the “Dragon’s Lair” upstairs with fun activities for kids and historical science books from the 1500’s. Did you know that creatures like dragons were actually included in these early textbooks because they were considered real until proven otherwise? Pretty interesting stuff and the perfect inspiration for a new 3D modeling project perhaps?! 😉 Sneak Peek: Extraordinary Ideas Exhibit  If you’re looking for something fun and inspiring to do this weekend we highly recommend you check out their new exhibit!Sneak Peek: Extraordinary Ideas Exhibit  Sneak Peek: Extraordinary Ideas Exhibit  Photography by Natasha Englehardt for Platt College San Diego 

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