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Introducing Social Media Class at Platt College!

May 19th, 2016 |

Introducing our newest class, Graphic Design for Advertising and Social Media, taught by  Platt College’s very own social media guru, Natasha Englehardt and graphic design genius Richard Morris.Social Media Classes at Platt College San Diego

Why social media?

More and more in all industries, companies are increasing funds used on social media marketing, and the number is expected to increase drastically, as will jobs in the next couple of years.

Individual Benefits of Social Media

Including social media in everyday business has become a crucial aspect of modern living, and can benefit your company in many ways, including making brands more personable through richer customer experiences (source) and improving insights on customers.

Social Media in Business

Knowledge of social media is also beneficial to the individual. Representing yourself is no longer just a branding experience across a paper portfolio, but also a visible representation on social media of who you are and how you might blend with the company. 93% of recruiters use social media to assess a candidate (source), with 55% of recruiters re-considering the employment of a candidate after viewing their social media. Social media has proven to be a beneficial tool for individuals and companies alike, and this is addressed by Platt College San Diego’s Social Media class, a class focused on teaching the students social media advertising and best practices for business, along with personal marketing techniques.Interested in Learning More? Check out our Graphic Design Degrees!

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