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Spiderman II CGI Artist Speaks to Platt Students

July 23rd, 2004 |

The Platt College Student Association (PCSA) sponsored guest speaker Vincent Truitner, accomplished Animation / CGI Artist, met with students on Thursday July 22, 2004. Mr. Truitner worked on several renowned films including Spider Man II, The Iron Giant, Matrix Revolutions, and Toy Story 2. Students watched Mr. Truitner’s work and asked him questions about the industry, gaining a wealth of knowledge and advice. The event was an entertaining, inspiring and educational experience. Given his busy schedule it was a real coup for the PCSA to get Mr. Truitner to visit the campus, thanks in part to his former schoolmate Platt College’s animation instructor Craig Dowsett, but he was quick to point out he was there “to help you guys and girls break into the industry.” Dean of Education, Dr. Michael Smith was on hand and noted “this is an exciting night for the PCSA, given the fact they put this together at the last minute, the turnout was phenomenal with students from every term and section showing up. There was not an empty seat in the house – standing room only.” Dr. Smith added “I think it is another example of how Platt College San Diego is attracting the best and brightest in the industry. Our students are showing their dedication by taking time out from their hectic lives to make sure they do everything they can to get a leg up in a very competitive industry. It was also nice to see a mix of our day and night students along with faculty and staff attending an event together. I am very proud of the PCSA and the students at Platt College San Diego.”

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