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Student Spotlight: Felix Honda

January 13th, 2014 |

Platt College Student Spotlight

Platt College 3D Animation alumni, Felix Honda, took the time to speak with us one on one recently about his passion for 3D, Animation and Game Design. Whether you are a current student in our 3D program or a potential student thinking about pursuing your passion for creating 3D Animations or Video Games, Felix has a lot of great advice on how to stay inspired and reach your goals!
Anna Torv
A Vector Portrait of Anna Torv Created by Felix During his Graphic Design Studies
Interviewer: You recently graduated from the 3D Animation Bachelor’s Program here at Platt, and are extremely talented when it comes to your craft. What would you say helped you the most with your studies at Platt?Felix: That would definitely be setting aside time to work on my projects outside of class. Another big plus was having access to great online resources such as Digital Tutors. Without the extra effort that I took outside of class, my projects wouldn’t have been as good as they were.Interviewer: Did you have a favorite class or teacher? If so tell us a little about it!Felix: In the Bachelor’s program for 3D, there were two instructors (Dave Bittorf and Steve Schultz) and I’m not here to pick favorites. They’re both great instructors at what they do. Steve is an excellent modeling instructor who clearly has talent in both rigging and sculpting. One thing that’s really helpful is he records each lecture so we can review them later should we have any trouble. Dave on the other hand is a great animation instructor. As a Computer Graphic (CG) animator, a lot of the core skills that I have learned were taught to me by Dave. Between the two, it is difficult to choose which instructor was my favorite, but I can say that both of them have taught me skills that I continue to use today.
Star Trek
A 3D Model of the Star Trek Enterprise Created by Felix in his Intro to 3D Animation Course
Interviewer: What are your creative inspirations? What do you usually do to stay inspired?Felix: All of the projects that were created at Platt were inspired by things I enjoy. Whether that’s Star Trek, Movies/Shows, or Video Games, I like to create things that interest me. But I’m pretty sure that’s the same for everyone. At least I hope so.Interviewer: Which among your projects would you say was your favorite to create and why?Felix: For 3D, my favorite project would have to be The Dark Knight inspired alleyway. I put so much time and effort in that project and am really happy with it. From the modeling to the dynamic elements, that project was both very challenging and fun.

CG Model – Dark Knight Alleyway – Animation from Felix Honda on Vimeo.

Interviewer: Who is your creative hero?Felix: If I were to pick anyone, I would have to say it’s John Lasseter. I consider him to be the modern day Walt Disney. Both in his talents and innovative ideas. After all, CG animation would not be where it is today without John. Plus his life-long dream was to become a professional animator and he has definitely achieved that and so much more.

11SecondClub – Final – december2013 – oldWarehouse from Felix Honda on Vimeo.

Interviewer: What is your advice for aspiring 3D Animators and Modelers?Felix: Never give up! I know that sounds cliché and it probably is, but once you give up and stop learning, that’s when you lose the ability to progress forward in the industry. Also, make sure that you are doing what you like to do. Quoting a phrase from John Lasseter, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Basically if animating and modeling are things you enjoy, they will never feel like work and that’s what’s important.Interviewer: What would be your dream company to work for and why?Felix: That would have to be Pixar Animation Studios. They are not only the first, but they are also the leading standard in the field of CG animation. Although I’m pretty sure every animator’s dream is to eventually work at Pixar.

CG Model – Octopus Warrior from Felix Honda on Vimeo.

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