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Student Spotlight: Savannah Morgan

April 3rd, 2014 |

Platt College graphic design student Savannah Morgan has been studying here since October 2013, and is talented in more than just digital design but also traditional art! Her latest painting of singer Amy Winehouse has been on display at the Pico House Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. This Sunday the gallery will be hosting a closing reception at 3pm if you will be in the area and are interested in attending. Savannah shared with us her artist statement that was included with her painting that’s on display:“Art is what motivates, challenges, and inspires me. Through my paintings, I aim to inspire others in the same way. I chose Amy Winehouse for this piece because she symbolizes how women have finally gained freedom of expression despite the judgment from society. She inspires others through her music and her rebellious persona. If it weren’t for the previous advancements and achievements of women in our society, we would not have the opportunity to express our uniqueness the ways we would like.” -Savannah Morgan
“The world is yours if you want to take it” –Amy Winehouse
We also had the opportunity to ask Savannah a couple questions about her work as an artist and when her love of painting began.Interviewer: You have recently been featured in an art show in downtown Los Angeles, what was your first reaction to this news?Savannah: Words can’t even explain how excited and honored I was! It was a great feeling to know that my work had been chosen and it was a huge step toward my future.Interviewer: How long have you been painting for? And what or who encouraged you to follow your artistic passion?Savannah: I have only been painting since October of 2013. What started with one canvas and a couple of colors has turned into my life passion. In terms of encouragement, I have amazing friends and family who are such a great support system. Also, just the fact that I love painting so much is enough to keep me going. Art in itself is motivation and my inspiration.Interviewer: What is your favorite piece you have created so far?Savannah: I’d say that it’s a tie between the Bob Marley and the Paul Walker. The Marley piece is the biggest I’ve ever done and the Paul Walker, in my opinion, is the most realistic. I love them both! If you would like to check out more of Savannah’s beautiful work be sure to check out her Facebook page Visual Vibrations Design.

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