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Student Spotlight: Stunning Photo Manipulations by Trisha Diaz

March 9th, 2016 |

Platt College student, Trisha Diaz, has been sharing a ton of beautiful photo manipulations lately through her Instagram account called Creativity Captured. We love to encourage our students and alumni to share their work with us on Instagram using our hashtag #plattcollegesandiego. Trisha does a great job of making sure we can stay up-to-date with all of her latest creations and is how we discovered the work featured in this spotlight. The five pieces we are featuring this week were made outside of her regular class time using Adobe Photoshop. It’s wonderful to see students so passionate about designing in their free time. We love the creativity behind each piece and had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her work.Natasha: When did you first discover your passion for photo editing and manipulation?Trisha: It was in high school during my junior year in a graphic design class. The love of photography came first. But knowing you could take a single image and create art was mind blowing to me back then.Stunning Photo manipulations by Trisha DiazNatasha: Are there any artists in particular that have inspired you?Trisha: I don’t follow any particularly “big artists” but I’m inspired by the ones I meet. Like the teachers at Platt College or the students there. I also get inspired by other kinds of artists like dancers and singers. I guess a passion for something is what inspires me the most.Stunning Photo manipulations by Trisha DiazNatasha: How have your classes at Platt helped with your creative process?Trisha: The classes at Platt have taught me to no be all over the place when I want to create something. To take things step by step. Looking back now, it’s the one thing every artist has problems with because they want to get right to the art part of everything.Stunning Photo manipulations by Trisha DiazNatasha: What are your favorite tools to use in Photoshop?Trisha: The most helpful tool would be the masking tool. Without it life would end, but my favorite tool would have to be the pen. I know an unpopular opinion, but it’s so exact and easy to use once you get to know it.Stunning Photo manipulations by Trisha DiazNatasha: What’s the best advice you’ve received in regards to art and design?Trisha: The best advice I can give is while art and design cross paths, I see them as separate. Design is the usability of your art. With graphic design it isn’t just about how great your art is but how it can be used and how it comes across. As a student at Platt I think that’s one of the most important things I was taught and once you grasp that concept the classes there become 100 times easier.Stunning Photo manipulations by Trisha DiazNatasha: Anything else you would like people to know about these images and your work?Trisha: I love to create for me, things that make me happy and sometimes designers forget to do that every once in awhile. So what is shown is stuff that makes me happy.Learn more about our Graphic Design program at Platt College San Diego.

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