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Ten Things To Prepare For And Do During An Interview

December 3rd, 2018 |

The job interview is a valuable and necessary first step to building your careers.

If you prepare for it, an interview can be very pleasant and rewarding. This first impression provides you with insight into where you’re choosing to work and also gives you the chance to display your potential.

Remember, an interview is an important tool in determining your potential.

Thank you.

Bill Harshman

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About the Author:

Bill is a San Diego native and when not at work, you can catch him out in the sun on his kayak, mountain bike, or in his home made sand racer. He certainly knows how to enjoy the natural resources peculiar to San Diego. Bill has a Masters Degree in Organizational Management and over 20 years experience in employee development, which he uses to help students leverage their ability into employment opportunities.

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