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The February Issue of Calliope Is Here!

February 10th, 2016 |

CalliopeAt the end of last year we introduced a fun newsletter put together by our very own Platt College library staff. We are happy to share with you all a free download of the January/February issue of Calliope! Just click HERE to download your copy. Below are some examples of the articles and news you will find in their newsletter. If you would like to contribute to the next issue of Calliope feel free to contact our Head Librarian, Nicole Lewis, at

New Year / New Books!

By Fernando Serrano, Teaching Assistant, Platt College San Diego

January and February is time of the year to make a fresh start. The staff at Platt College San Diego Library wanted to jump start the new year with a few new books to welcome in 2016. We value diversity, literacy and cross-genre books. We also support small bookstores such as Bluestocking books in Hillcrest. Nicole, our Head Librarian wanted to broaden the book selection in our library so she headed over to Bluestocking books and chose a few new books for the students to enjoy. We added a new section; ‘multicultural literature’ and will soon add cookbooks and arts & crafts to our selection. Every month, we have a display of staff picks and books that we like to highlight according to the theme of the month. We welcome all students to come in to the library and learn about Martin Luther King, Jr; the man who changed America’s history with his words, courage and humanitarian spirit! We want to hear from you! Please come to the library to suggest books, movies and other literary gems that you would like to enjoy in our quaint reading nook. The staff is enthusiastic and willing to assist you. Happy Reading!New Books

The Visual Arts Narrative

By Nicole Lewis, Librarian, Platt College San Diego

As visual artists it is important to explore many avenues to represent one’s work, unique style and design eye. For graphic designers who also enjoy writing, Ekphrasis poetry is a genre that could be explored. Ekphrasis poetry simply stated- is an intense description of a scene and/or a work of art. When presenting portfolios to potential clients or employers, visual artists could benefit by possessing the talent of creative speech. Effective writing skills is a career advancer. Although a person’s work speaks for itself, strong communication skills infused with passion and zest for one’s work is a selling bonus, not to mention fun! Why not explore the craft of writing? “In the Musée des Beaux Arts” by WH Auden’s is famous example of ekphrasis. It explores Pieter Brueghel’s mythological themed painting Landscape With the Fall of Icarus. Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, c.1555 The poem “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” by William Carlos Williams is also inspired by the same painting.Download the full newsletter for free here!

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