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Tips from our Industry Panel Event

October 10th, 2013 |

Industry Panel Event

Platt Presents the Industry Panel 2013

A few weeks ago Platt College hosted an informative and exciting Industry Panel Event exclusively for our digital media design students. Industry leaders from Sony, Union Tribune TV, Creative Mob and more sat down with our students to answer their most pressing questions about how to break into the design world. They covered many important topics and the first discussion centered around what makes an outstanding portfolio.

Design Portfolio Tips

One of the main focuses of the discussion about student portfolios emphasized students stepping out of the classroom to pursue their design passion. One suggestion is to participate in the real world through charities and local businesses. According to several members of the panel, they see too many portfolios centered around student projects. It’s also important that students remember that their portfolio is only as strong as their weakest piece. Don’t include projects that have nothing to do with the job you’re applying for. Also, be sure that every design serves some sort of function other than just looking “pretty”. A large chunk of time was taken to emphasize the importance of proper spelling and grammar on resumes, portfolios and demo reels. Although we live in the technology age where almost every program comes standard with spell check, it was alarming to hear how many resumes instantly get overlooked because of a simple spelling error.


Another recommendation from the industry panel was for students to create a brand and logo to market themselves. Having a whole brand centered around your art and designs shows you know how to properly market yourself. Use the logo and branding everywhere from your resume to your website, this indicates consistency in your work.


Interviews were another topic of discussion during the panel. The industry experts said that too many times people show up for an interview and are not properly prepared. A lot of people don’t know what to say so they recommended elaborating on your inspirations and learning to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Before the interview begins make sure all the links on your portfolio site are functional and also make sure you have a burn in on your demo reel to explain what exactly they are looking at. And begin and end your reel with your name and contact info so they know where to reach you if they’re interested. Also, be sure to showcase your efficiency. Don’t get caught up with the tools if you can showcase a more efficient way of designing and accomplishing a task. However, the more programs you know, the more marketable you will become as a designer. One of the most important tips they gave the students towards the end of the panel was to never get discouraged. Not everyone will like your work and if a lot of time has passed and you’re not getting hired or receiving calls about your resume then head back to the drawing board. Keep working on projects that will help improve your portfolio and your skill set. This was a great event that will hopefully encourage our students here at Platt College San Diego to take the time to build a great resume and portfolio. We look forward to seeing the next round of graduates stepping out into the world of design and finding their dream jobs!Industry Panel

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