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Top 10 Design Tutorials from May and June 2013

July 12th, 2013 |

Popular Design Tutorials

Platt College is home to many talented digital media designers who understand that learning can always be continued outside the classroom. One of the many ways they can add to their design knowledge is by using a variety of different tutorials that will help them learn extra tips or tricks. For this article we have compiled a collection of the 10 most popular tutorials that we have posted to our Facebook and Pinterest pages for the months of May and June this year. These tutorials cover everything from 3D modeling to Typography so there is sure to be something new for you to try!

1. 30+ Killer Photoshop Actions (And How to Make Your Own)

Photoshop Actions Tutorial

2. Create a Mosaic, BBC Inspired, Text Art Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Tutorial

3. ZBrush Tutorial: Modeling and Texturing Skin

Zbrush Tutorial

4. CSS Tutorial: Create the Star Wars Title Sequence Using CSS

CSS Tutorial

5. Illustration Tutorial: How to Draw Complex Folds and Ruffles in Fabric and Clothing

Illustration Tutorial

6. Photoshop Tutorial: Composite a 3D building into a photo

Photoshop Tutorial

7. Photoshop Tutorial: Design Magical Fire Energy Text

Photoshop Tutorial

8. Vintage Typography Tutorial

Vintage Typography Tutorial

9. Presenting Your Web Mockups With Added 3D Flair

Web Mockups

10. 3D Tutorial: Game Character Creation Series: Kila Chapter 1 – High Resolution Modeling

3D TutorialPlatt College San Diego is a Digital Media Design school that specializes in Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Design, VFX & Compositing and 3D Animation degrees. For more information on our school or to schedule a tour of our campus click here.

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