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Halloween Rules: Top 10 Student & Alumni Designs For October 2014

November 3rd, 2014 |

Our Top 10 Platt College San Diego Student & Alumni Designs for October 2014

Once a month we like to take a moment to showcase some of our most popular student designs according to Instagram likes and comments. If you follow us on Instagram you know that we like to share art, video production projects, 3D animations, and designs from our talented digital media design students and alumni almost daily! It’s a great way to show off all the hard work our students put into not only their class projects, but any side projects they are working on as well. If you’re a current student or alumni, be sure to follow us and share your projects using the hashtag #plattcollegesandiego for your chance to be featured! You can check out our profile at for daily art and design inspiration.

1. Juan Fernando Garcia – Halloween Digital Art

Platt College alumni Juan Fernando Garcia is an extremely talented illustrator who was also one of the participating artists at our Art Walk this month! He has worked for companies like Hasbro, Square Enix and Wonka. Which is not surprising considering his unique and fun style of art. Check out more of his work on his portfolio website.

A photo posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

2. Jazmin Castillo – Neon Horror Digital Painting

Platt college student Jazmin Castillo recently completed an awesome series of Neon Horror themed art pieces that made an appearance at our Art Walk last month. Check out more inspiring work from Jazmin on her Behance page!

A photo posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

3. Sean Lenahan – Halloween Digital Portrait

Sean Lenahan just started at Platt College last month in our Graphic Design program but jumped at the chance to participate in the Art Walk we hosted. Here is one of his Halloween themed creations that he had available at the event. You can view more of his work on his DeviantART portfolio.

A photo posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

4. Felix Honda – Work Space Rendering

Platt College 3D Animation alumni Felix Honda created this awesome work space using Autodesk Maya. This was a project he completed over a year ago in his Term 6 Rendering & Lighting class. Everything included in the rendering was modeled by him throughout his time here at Platt. You can view more his work through his portfolio website.

A video posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

5. Jarod Octon – Halloween Art Walk

We had a lot of awesome Halloween themed art last month. This piece is from Platt College Alumni Jarod Octon who was also one of the participating artists at the Art Walk we hosted last month. Check out his instagram profile @classactlabel for more awesome art!

A photo posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

6. Jennifer Brincho – 3D Animation

Platt College student Jennifer Brincho used the program Autodesk Maya to create this fun 3D animation. Using the 12 principles of animation, students in our Term 6 Character Animation class learn to bring digital characters to life. Check out more work on her Vimeo Profile.

A video posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

7. Allison Wilkins – Spooky Office Boujou Scene

Platt College 3D Animation student Allison Wilkins just completed this fun project for her Term 6 Rendering & Lighting class. Using the camera tracking software, Boujou, she filmed our front Admissions office and turned it into a spooky Halloween scene. How cool! To view more work from Allison be sure to check out her Behance Portfolio.

A video posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

8. Eddie Osuna – Jon Snow Digital Vector Painting

Platt College alumni Eddie Osuna has been showcasing more of his digital paintings as of late. This awesome vector painting of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones is one of his most recent creations using Illustrator. Awesome work Eddie we can’t wait to see what you will create next! Be sure to check out his Instagram profile for more creations.

A photo posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

9. Levi Moore – Surreal Self Portrait

Platt College Graphic Design student Levi Moore created this awesome surreal self portrait for his Term 3 Digital Imaging class. For this project students learn how to combine multiple photographic elements and Photoshop techniques to come up with a surreal design.

A photo posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

10. Scott Trento – Blenders Fashion Ad

Platt College Graphic Design student Scott Trento created this fun fashion ad for Blenders in his Term 2 Raster Graphics class. Using the Photoshop techniques he learned in class he was able to blend different elements together to create this advertisement.

A photo posted by Platt College ☀️ San Diego (@plattcollegesandiego) on

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