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Top 10 Student Designs for July 2014

August 8th, 2014 |

Once a month we like to take a moment to showcase some of our most popular student designs according to Instagram likes and comments. If you follow us on Instagram you know that we like to share art, videos, 3D animations, and designs from our talented media arts students and alumni almost daily! It’s a great way to show off all the hard work our students put into not only their class projects, but any side projects they are working on as well. If you’re a current student or alumni, be sure to follow us and share your projects using the hashtag #plattcollegesandiego for your chance to be featured! You can check out our profile at for daily art and design inspiration.

1. Mike Smith – 3D Character Algol

Platt College 3D Animation alumni and current 3D teacher, Mike Smith, has modeled this amazing 3D character called Algol. The concept is that he’s a genie (Djinn). Djinn are fire spirits from Arabic mythology so he made his hands burned black and his feet and horns are made of molten brass. As he was painting the glowing tattoos he realized they looked sort of astrological or celestial so he looked up arabic star names and found one called “Algol” which means “The Ghoul.” Mike imagined Algol meditating as he waits for thousands of years for someone to rub his lamp so he put candles on his head to give the look that he sits still for long periods of time.

2. Jorge Tirado – Dog Daze

Platt College Alumni Jorge Tirado currently works as the Lead Web Designer for In his spare time he also creates amazing art! This particular project is called ‘Dog Daze’ and was originally conceptualized through his sketch book before adding the finishing touches in Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio.

3. Natasha Englehardt – Fourth of July Photography

Fourth of July Photography by Platt College VFX student Natasha Englehardt. The Big Bay Fireworks show in San Diego this year was certainly beautiful!

4. Aldo Osuna – Wolverine Drawing

In preparation for Comic Con International we were sharing a different piece of student or alumni artwork based off of characters you might have seen wandering around the exhibition halls (or downtown) at the event! This awesome artwork of Wolverine from the X-Men was hand drawn by Alumni Aldo Osuna.

5. Noah Guinn – Darkwing Duck Illustration

Countdown to San Diego Comic Con! Who remembers Darkwing Duck? Platt College student Noah Guinn sent us this awesome illustration of the masked duck superhero!

6. Jacob Roark – Demo Reel

3D Animation Alumni Jacob Roark, recently put together this inspiring demo reel. In this reel he shows off his various 3D modeling and animation skills in a variety of programs like Autodesk Maya and Pixologic ZBrush. We were only able to share a snippet here on Instagram but you can find this on our Youtube channel as well for the full version.

7. Czarina Galac – Seaport Oil & Vinegars

This photo is from our Student Spotlight blog last month featuring Platt student Czarina Galac’s beautiful product photography. You can read the blog article HERE to learn more about her work for local San Diego company Seaport Oil & Vinegars.

8. Jarod Octon – Black Widow Illustration

This awesome vector illustration of Black Widow was created by Platt College alumni Jarod Octon. We hosted a Marvel themed art show a couple of years ago in downtown San Diego and this was his submission for the event.

9. Tanisha Rose – Katy Perry Portrait

Students in our Term 2 Vector Graphics class are asked to create a portrait of themselves or someone they admire using the tools they have learned in Adobe Illustrator. Platt College student Tanisha Rose created this lovely vector portrait of pop artist Katy Perry for her project.

10. Desiree Guillen – Mortal Kombat Themed Self Portrait

We recently shared a behind the scenes look at Platt College graphic design student Desiree Guillen’s surreal self portrait project and here is the final product! She went for an awesome Mortal Kombat theme to represent the battle between her current and past selfBlog Written by Social Media Coordinator Natasha Englehardt

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