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Top 12 Reasons Everyone Should Love Web Design As Much As We Do

August 30th, 2016 |

Top 12 Reasons Everyone Should Love Web Design As Much As We Do
Web Design by Platt Student Karine Wu Jye
Most people see websites as simple tools, functional places where something gets done. While there’s no doubt that websites are functional, there’s so much more to great web design! Here are our top 12 reasons for loving web design. We think once you consider them you’ll agree that everyone should love web design as much as we do.

Bridging art and technology, aesthetics with functionality

Artists and other creatives don’t always get to create objects of beauty that are functional, but web designers do. Web design is the perfect blend of technology, logic, aesthetics, and creativity.

Bridging theory and practice

If you’ve ever worked in another field, you already know how easy it is for days, months, or even years of your work to remain theoretical and unacknowledged. However, when you’re a web designer you can instantly see changes you make, the results of new coding, and other theoretical work in practice. How much more gratifying!

Influencing consumer behavior

Great web design influences what people do every day. Better sites mean better customer conversions and more loyal customers, and that’s the work of a smart web designer. Truly inspired web design guides each visitor carefully without seeming intrusive.

Building brands

Obviously a fantastic, memorable logo is critical to building a brand—and so is a well-designed site. Each element of a carefully designed site helps visitors connect with the company’s brand and enhances the overall branded experience.

Limitless creative expression

Although in any given project you will almost certainly encounter limits to how much time you can spend, you will almost never find your creativity limited. In fact, your creativity will constantly be tested and expanded as a web developer. If you can dream it up, you can create it online.

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Power to do amazing things

As a web designer you can do things no one else can. You help people learn, work, play, meet people, express themselves, and so much more. That’s a lot of power!

Being part of a worldwide community

Being a web designer means being part of a global community of creatives. This community shares ideas, contrasting points of view, and helps its members master new technologies and tackle new challenges. Whenever you go to a website you love and “view source” to see what’s under the hood, you’re sharing in that community’s efforts.

Solving problems

Web designers solve problems every day. It’s a key part of the job, and it’s incredibly rewarding. We also get to share our solutions with others.

It’s just fun

Every time you resolve an issue with your code or bring something to life online and test it out, there’s no denying that it’s fun! Getting to play with your creations is a wonderful benefit to this work.

It’s always new

Web design is constantly evolving, and great designers evolve right along with it. For those who love variety, improving themselves, and staying busy, web design is a dream job. As a web designer you’re not facing a decades-long career of doing the same things over and over again, guaranteed. Technology won’t allow it.

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Always changeable and customizable

Remember the old drawings or paintings you did in high school? Chances are good that they’re no longer what you’d call your best work. As a web designer, your old work is always changeable, customizable, and ready to be revamped and improved. You don’t always need to build things from scratch; it’s easy to work on what’s there.

You make people happy

Talented web designers make countless people happy every single day. We make a shopping experience quick and easy, and we make it simple to find something online using a smartphone with responsive designs. We deliver the entire world into the home of everyone who’s online every single day. That’s incredible, and it makes people happy.


Hopefully these 12 reasons to love web design have convinced you that you should be as enamored with it as we are. Web design is empowering to the designer and indispensable to the user, not to mention essential to the way modern life and culture work. Web design is so much more than the application of technical rules to the online space. It is the culmination of art, science, technology, and human invention. 

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