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TV Campaign wins 14 Telly Awards

May 16th, 2005 |

Platt College San Diego has just won 14 Telly Awards! The TV Campaign encompasses two dynamic commercials showcasing student work. The Telly’s Awarded Platt College with 12 Bronze Finalist Statuettes and 2 Silver Winner Statuettes. Categories are as follows: Art Direction, Editing, Use of Animation, Special Effects, Use of Music and Schools/Colleges/Universities. The exhilarating spots were edited and produced by Focalscape, Inc. (Platt College advisory board members), music composed by DHMmusic Design (Platt College advisory board member) and features the sultry vocal talent of Danielle LoPresti. The Telly Award is one of the most sought-after awards by industry leaders, from large international firms to local production companies and ad agencies.

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