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Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design Students

May 18th, 2017 |

Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsThe Platt College San Diego pride was strong at this month’s RAW Artists San Diego Showcase, Verse. Two of our students, Roshi Gleason and Jeff Miller, had their artwork on display at the event which was hosted at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego. We had the opportunity to interview them during the event via Facebook live but we wanted to take a moment to talk to them after the excitement of the event wound down a bit. They both have some great insight into the event as well as what motivates them to create in the first place!

Interview with Roshi Gleason

Natasha: Knowing that you are still early in your studies here at Platt, what’s in store for you next?Roshi: Honestly this is just the beginning! I’ve only barely scratched the surface on what I could possibly accomplish career wise with graphic design. I’m pushing forward to finish out my associates and right after that I’m going head on into the Bachelor’s program. As of now I have not determined a specific degree type for my Bachelors but I do know I will continue my studies at Platt for sure.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsNatasha: That’s great! Your passion for art and design is certainly apparent in everything that you do. How did you first get started as an artist?Roshi: I was raised by a portrait artist and I also doodled and sketched quite a bit throughout my childhood and high school years. Even when I was pursuing a completely different degree I would still draw to help destress from my day. It definitely was not an overnight kind of decision or transformation, but it was one of those things I gradually became more balanced with and passionate about over the years.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsNatasha: How did they reach out to you about participating in the event?Roshi: So, not surprisingly, Platt actually played a minimal role in this. I took the social media class you hosted and that motivated me to finally make an Instagram, Facebook, and twitter for my artwork. RAW I assumed discovered my Instagram through the many assortment of hashtags I had placed on each post. I initially got the message from a “scouting agent” (is the best way I can describe her job) in Instagram and we went from there.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsNatasha: Aw! I’m so happy the social media class motivated you to get your work out there. What kind of creative patterns, routines, or rituals do you have that keep you inspired?Roshi: My artwork is therapy for me in itself. It’s my form of meditation and regaining balance. I’m putting all my energy into something positive and getting positive results. I also do spiritual meditation that’s infused with nature.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsNatasha: I love that. Art can be therapy for so many people. It’s great that you’ve found something you love to do that can help you destress but also make a career out of at the same time. Where can people see more of your creations?Roshi: I have four different places you can view my work… Facebook: Igarashi Art Pop Designs ( Twitter & Instagram : @iggyartpop Behance: Thanks for all the insight Roshi! Best of luck with all of your future creative endeavors.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design Students

Interview With Jeff Miller

Natasha: Congratulations on participating in your first RAW Artist event. Now that the event is over, what would you say was the highlight of your night?Jeff: The highlight of my night was definitely more on the networking side. I just enjoyed meeting others, exchanging information, as well as seeing others that were interested in my work. It was a cool feeling.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsNatasha: That’s awesome! Do you think you would participate in an event like this again? If so, why?Jeff: Well RAW Artists has it set up pretty cool. Once the 20 tickets were sold, not only does an artist get to attend the showcase in their city, they also get another showcase free outside of their city. So yes, I definitely plan on attending another show, but not only for that reason. It is just a great way to get out there and expand your network, and of course none of us are interested in that happy buck, but if you are, it is definitely possible to sell artwork there. It’s just an overall great opportunity for an up and coming artist of any category.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsNatasha: Wow, I didn’t know that you can do another showcase in a different city. That’s great to have an opportunity for more exposure to your artwork in a new place. Which leads me to my next question…How do you want someone to feel when they see your art?Jeff: This is a tough question for any kind of artist I think, but to summarize, I want people to see that there are no rules when it comes to being creative. Sure there are techniques and methods to create certain illusions, but in the end, what the artist decides to put on that blank slate is all their own. To me, that is the most beautiful thing about being creative, and I definitely want to spread that inspiration through my pieces.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsNatasha: Who are some of your favorite artists or designers that inspire you?Jeff: One of my all time favorites is Bob Ross. His entire persona is just something I look up to so much. He teaches the lesson of believing in yourself, and that anything you can put your mind to, you can achieve through practice, and by simply believing that you can do it. His landscapes are in my opinion, just beautiful, and I pull a lot of his teachings into my own works. He takes the stiffness out of being an artist, and to me that is something everyone should know. He says “You get an artist’s license when you buy your first tube of paint. That license says you can do ANYTHING you want on a piece of canvas.” I feel very strongly about that, but not just with painting. It counts for any form of creativity, and it’s absolutely beautiful.Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Design StudentsNatasha: Gotta love Bob Ross! I can definitely see his influence in your creations. Where can people see more of your work?Jeff: My work can be viewed on many different websites, all with their own use. – This is my own website where most of my work can be viewed, along with other things like a blog and contact page. – My Behance page is meant more for pieces I am especially proud of, and I try to keep them to a minimum here. – Lastly, I have a deviantART that I put EVERYTHING on. This is a place where I can be a bit more casual with what I post, and that’s what I try to do if I still want to post a piece, but it’s not quite tip top.Natasha: Thanks for taking time to talk with us today Jeff. I look forward to seeing more from you!  
Verse RAW Artists Showcase Features Two Platt College Students
Several Platt College students showed up to the event to show their support!

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