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VFX Project Of The Week: Advanced Rendering With Boujou

November 16th, 2015 |

VFX Project Of The Week: Advanced Rendering With Boujou

Whether you’re a student in our 3D Animation program you will learn how to use advanced rendering techniques with Boujou. This week’s featured VFX project focuses on an animation created with the help of Boujou as well as other 3D and VFX related programs. Platt College student Jennifer Holland filmed the following footage on her GoPro and then imported it into After Effects to correct the fisheye lens. From there, she imported it into Boujou to solve the camera tracking. To complete the project she took the footage into Maya and modeled the background objects, placed a production shader on them and brought in a dragon character she modeled from a previous class. She does a great job of including a breakdown of her process at the end of the video. Excellent work Jennifer!

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