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Web Design Of The Week: Waypoint Sailing by Shairi Engle

November 17th, 2015 |

For this design it’s smooth sailing, but you’d still be okay in rough seas with this web designer

Students in our Web Design program will learn many aspects of developing a website throughout their studies. This weeks feature is a project created by Platt College student Shairi Engle for her Term 5 Web Campaign class. Web Design Of The WeekThe focus of this project is to teach the students how to create a business website for a fictional client from start to finish. Emphasis is also placed on the overall user experience of their designs. They will begin with storyboarding before moving on to details like user interface and responsive design techniques. Shairi did a great job designing this web campaign site for fictional client Waypoint Sailing. You can view the live website HERE.Want to learn how to design websites? Check out our Bachelor’s of Science degree program in Web Design today!

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Social Media Coordinator, Educational Representative and Platt College VFX Alumni. Likes bunnies, video games, cooking and taking frequent trips to Disneyland.

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