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Guest & Workshops

Special Guest Appearances & Campus Workshops: 

The successes of Platt alumni and established relationships in the industry have led to exciting speaker events and behind-the-scenes presentations for our current students. When both high profile and local companies visit our College, students may experience close interactions with industry professionals. Guest Speakers from Lucas Films, DreamWorks, Jim Henson Company, Rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain and more have demonstrated tips, shared tricks, and performed live demonstrations on our campus. Additionally, alumni speakers from companies such as Sony Online Entertainment, Digital Telepathy, Gaslamp Media, and DC Comics/Warner Bros, among others, return as expert panelists for portfolio summits and workshops.  Opportunities with local and high-profile companies allow Platt designers to receive candid, expert opinions and learn firsthand about real-world experiences.  The industry exposure and feedback is invaluable to our students. One can feel the excitement in the room while students begin to daydream about their future careers. Learning directly from experts already in the field is both inspirational and, at times, surreal.  These optional seminars and workshops encourage students to network, interact with guest speakers, and engage in the question-and-answer sessions.