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Crime Report and Policy

August 25, 2017

Dear Platt College San Diego Employees and Students,

In accordance with US Department of Education regulations, we submit to the agency an annual “Campus Crime and Security Report” which discloses any incident of a criminal nature that may have occurred on our campus. The report also includes statistics regarding disciplinary actions regarding illegal drug abuse, liquor law violations, and occurrences of hate crimes or sexual offenses on campus and in the surrounding area.

The regulation requires that the school distribute an annual report containing those statistics to all employees and enrolled students. Therefore, please review the attached three year disclosure report (2014 through 2016) of criminal offenses, arrests, disciplinary actions, occurrences of hate crimes or sexual offenses for Platt College San Diego.

If you have any questions about this report, please feel free to meet with Marianne Taxter, Controller (room 201) or Opel Oliver, Financial Aid Director (room 204).

Thank you.