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Activities and Happenings at Platt College

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the experience and development of college students’. Although not mandatory, we encourage you to be involved and explore the digital media design industry beyond the classroom. A wide variety of voluntary activities; such as, design exhibits, local and national competitions, cultural field trips, film festivals, museums and industry-related workshops assist Platt designers to evolve their industry goals and cultural ideas. Learning beyond the classroom expands our your knowledge in the digital media design industry, improves networking skills and builds friendships that last a life time! Enjoy a visual journal and brief description of just some of the extra-curricular and campus life activities that have occurred at Platt College San Diego.Local Field Trips and Digital Media Design Exhibits: Platt College students enjoy a variety of “classrooms”: Torrey Pines State Reserve, Balboa Park, Comic Con, Tim Burton Exhibition, The Getty Museum, Lyceum Theater and behind the scenes at the Dr. Phil show are just a few of the field trips our students were invited to experience. In addition to a variety of field trips aimed to please all audiences, we also strive to offer art exhibitions where student’s digital media design art works are displayed. Our students’ works are often displayed at various art galleries, coffee shops, and public libraries around San Diego, CA. In 2011, the College was proud to present the Legend of Zelda Art Exhibition in downtown San Diego, CA. Students were invited to showcase artwork that paid tribute to The Legend of Zelda.back to topComic Con International in San Diego Providing the students with extraordinary inspiration is always the primary goal of extracurricular events and Comic Con tops the list! For the past several years, Platt designers were offered a lottery style ticket selection for a chance to attend the world famous Comic Con International event. Previous years have had approximately 130 lucky tickets drawn where Platt students spend a full day exploring the wondrous whimsical art and culture of cartoons, creativity and commerce at a heavily discounted rate. With thousands of tickets sold out a year in advance, it is with pleasure we continue to offer such an extraordinary field trip. Student dreams become a reality as they descend upon the madness that we humbly call Comic Con International! As stated in the Comic Con mission statement, “This event is dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular art forms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.” Throughout the day students have access to comics and related popular art form panels, lectures, documentaries, seminars, and workshops that consist of comic book professionals, previews of upcoming feature films, portfolio review sessions with top comic book and video game companies. And if that isn’t enough, the opportunities to mingle with celebrities, collect swag, and purchase collectibles in the monstrous exhibit hall is plentiful. We like to call it… just another Platt College fun-filled day!Zombie Walkback to topZelda Art Exhibition: The enthusiasm and joy of The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary was felt at the Platt College Digital Media Design San Diego “Zelda Art Exhibit”! We are very proud of the Platt College San Diego Student Artists and local artists who provided the amazing art work and shared their creative expressions of Zelda. With approximately 500 artists, Zelda fans and community supporters in attendance for opening night. The inspiration was contagious! This exclusive event called upon the talents of Platt students, alumni, local artists and industry professionals within the San Diego community to showcase artwork that paid tribute to the The Legend of Zelda. With a line wrapped around the corner of a downtown block on opening night, visitors arrived from all around San Diego and Los Angeles. Guests enjoyed live entertainment provided by Cantua, a band in which one of our students plays. Cantua performed some of the most memorable theme songs from The Legend of Zelda series. Cosplayers and all in attendance enjoyed an evening full of prize giveaways, food, drink, and a very impressive gallery of mixed-media Zelda art!back to topMarvel Super Heroes: A Creative Tribute Exhibit Growing up, we all had heroes that we wished we would become one day. While some heroes entertained us, some inspired us when we were at a loss, motivated us when we needed that extra push, and a few, just a few, sparked the everlasting imagination that makes us all kids! Platt College San Diego paid tribute to the Marvel Universe with an exclusive event downtown, harnessing the talents of Platt College San Diego students/alumni, local artists, and industry professionals within the San Diego community. The theme was to create an art piece illustrating a Marvel character’s “Defining Moment”: meaning the art piece should have an iconic feel. From the Avengers to the X-men, Marvel is responsible for some of the greatest and most iconic comic book superheroes. The night of the event it was very apparent that the students at Platt were able to find inspiration to create their own personal tribute to Marvel. Although Platt is a Digital Media Design College, there were many different artistic mediums represented throughout the packed exhibit, showcasing the varied talents of Platt students. From sculptures to digital paintings, it was a visual treat for all!View Videoback to topWalt Disney, Tim Burton Exhibits, Paramount Studios and the Getty Museum…oh my! Los Angeles welcomed 51 Platt students and four teachers to its architectural marvel, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and then to the magical Tim Burton exhibition at the LA County Museum at Art. Whimsically designed by Frank Gehry, The Disney Concert Hall is home to some of the most sophisticated acoustics in the world. The complex consists of several amphitheaters and a beautiful rooftop garden. Tim Burtons’ permanent collection brought over 700 drawings, paintings, photographs, moving-image works, storyboards, puppets, concept artworks, costumes and cinematic ephemera that were wonderfully exciting. The students were in awe the whole day through! Students had the opportunity to sit in on a “Dr Phil” taping at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. They witnessed the making of two episodes and were privy to a behind-the-scenes tour of Paramount Studios sets. Next stop: strolling the magnificent J. Paul Getty Museum. It was a day full of learning, culture, inspiration and fun!back to topGuest Appearances & Campus Workshops

Guest Appearances & Campus Workshops:

The successes of Platt alumni and established relationships in the industry have led to exciting speaker events and behind-the-scenes presentations for our current students. When both high profile and local companies visit our College, students may experience close interactions with industry professionals. Guest Speakers from Lucas Films, DreamWorks, Jim Henson Company, Rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain and more have demonstrated tips, shared tricks, and performed live demonstrations on our campus. Additionally, alumni speakers from companies such as Sony Online Entertainment, Digital Telepathy, Gaslamp Media, and DC Comics/Warner Bros, among others, return as expert panelists for portfolio summits and workshops.  Opportunities with local and high-profile companies allow Platt designers to receive candid, expert opinions and learn firsthand about real-world experiences.  The industry exposure and feedback is invaluable to our students. One can feel the excitement in the room while students begin to daydream about their future careers. Learning directly from experts already in the field is both inspirational and, at times, surreal.  These optional seminars and workshops encourage students to network, interact with guest speakers, and engage in the question-and-answer sessions. Exposure helps students develop career paths. Guest seminars and workshops are helpful tools for Platt students to not only interact with industry experts but also to assist students in further developing their education and career goals.  Often Platt designers begin their education with a general digital media design goal and may not yet be certain of which multimedia area they would like to concentrate their degree. Here at Platt College, students are exposed to a variety of events and career information as it relates to the digital media design industry, so that they may continue to define the goals.  Throughout their educational journey, exposure to guest speakers and workshops assist students in making informed decisions about which career path is right for them. Upon graduation, with degree in hand & workshop experiences, students are better prepared to interview and present their portfolio and resume to prospective employers.

Student Activities & Campus Life:

Student ActivitiesAt Platt we strive to balance our serious business in the classroom with fun outside of it. Often live media demonstrations, music, poetry, dance, raffle prizes, refreshments and spontaneous opportunities to be creative can be enjoyed in the Platt Courtyard. Students, faculty and staff gather often in the courtyard to celebrate holidays or bring awareness to cultural events. Winter festivities, holiday celebrations, Halloween costume contest, Earth Day awareness and more are activities that are enjoyed by all.back to topVolunteer and Community Service We always take a few moments to take pride in our beautiful community and city of San Diego. Helping our community has always been a part of who we are here at Platt College. Students have access to a master list of numerous community service opportunities and are encouraged to take part in charitable and community service throughout the year. Traditionally, during Earth Day we take part in the clean up of San Diego beaches and the San Diego River. As part of our outreach, we also donate our services and printed materials for fundraising to public elementary schools around the county. We provide workshops and lectures to about 35 local libraries.back to topJapan Fundraiser – Solidarity for Japan For a full week, Platt College campaigned for Solidarity for Japan, a celebration of good will and an opportunity to show our empathy by offering our help for tsunami-devastated Japan. In the first hour and a half our fundraiser, Platt College raised $422 by selling treats, drinks, Platt merchandise, and donated goods. By the fifth and last day, we had collected an impressive total of $3,100. Students and staff also participated in the folding of 1,000 miniature paper cranes. The crane in Japan is thought to live for a thousand years, so the common practice of folding 1,000 paper origami cranes is said to make a person’s wish come true. In this case, Platt College collectively wished for peace and a swift recovery for Japan. After the colorful cranes (1,500 of them) were strung together on Earth Day, they were sent to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Park where they were accepted with great appreciation!back to topPlatt Magazine: Muse and Reflections The Muse is a publication that is a collection of artistic designs created by our students here at Platt. Reflections looks back on the events and students and staff of the previous year.Muse 2009Muse 2010Muse 2011Platt 2012 Reflectionsback to top


Competitions are not required but our highly encouraged at Platt. Students may take advantage of the access to digital media equipment, labs and support of a knowledgeable faculty and staff. Students have previously participated in competitions such as The 48 Hour film project; Doritos Commercial; Go Daddy Commercial; US Open Sandcastle Competition, County Fair exhibits; as well as Icon, Logo, and Poster competitions.48 hour Film Festival Every year the 48 Hour Film Project offers San Diego filmmakers a weekend of challenge, creativity, and fun! Filmmakers from all over the San Diego area compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film competes against films from around the world. Platt students specializing in Digital Video Production look forward to this unique, invigorating and sleepless weekend. As the 48 Hour project start line approaches, teammates with passion in their eyes set focus on just one objective: to write, shoot, edit and score a winning short film! Participants are given a character, prop, a line of dialogue and only 48 hours to complete a winning short film. With these elements in hand the team is off and running to write a script, cast their actors, gather props. With time ticking fast, they must prepare, produce, edit and deliver a high quality completed short film worthy of competing against both amateur and professional film makers! Unique to Platt, all levels of experience from both the associate and bachelor level programs are invited to join a team. Students have access to the Platt digital video production studios and equipment for the full 48 hours. Yes, that is correct; Platt College will keep their doors open to offer full support in achieving their goals. Hard to imagine such a feat, yet year after year teams representing Platt Productions have participated and received award-winning entries. We are very proud of all of their dedicated efforts. This type of activity stretches a student’s creativity to new limits and offers great rewards. Successful teams showcase their work at a local theater and without a doubt, there is something about seeing the student’s hard work on the big screen that makes it all worthwhile. It is no wonder why participants have described this event as one of their most memorable college and life-changing experiences.back to topAlso Noteworthy: Platt College students earned First Place after creating a five minute film for the 8th Annual 48 “Hours of Madness” Competition. Here is the film from 2009- “El Closet” by DonovanVaughtandTeamback to topU.S. Open Sand Castle Competition The Platt College Sandcastle team is no stranger to winning. Platt designers are the 2010 and the 2011 second-place champions for the “Creatures of the Sea” category! Our talented team designs their sculpture on paper ahead of time; however, the true challenge begins on the sand when only ten team members must coordinate their efforts, communicate well and keep their big picture vision in mind to finish successfully. On the day of the event, with the judges and the constant crowd watching, the sand sculpture must be completed within the allotted five hour time frame. In 2011, with a turnout of approximately 400,000 spectators, the 31st annual U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition took place in Imperial Beach, California. Among approximately 30 professional and amateur teams who competed at the event was our very own extremely creative and sunscreen-covered Platt College Sandcastle Team!! The Platt College team was comprised of digital media designers from Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Video Production and 3D Animation backgrounds. The year 2011 team sculpted a giant octopus which had taken a boat captive, breaking it in half. The sculpture and boat were dubbed the “USS Drowning Man”. In viewing their amazing results, you can tell their Digital Media Design training definitely helped them succeed!Sand Castle CompetitionThe 2010 team sculpted a large excavation site scene where a giant fossilized Plesiosaurus dinosaur bones became exposed and was protruding out of the earth. Amazing job! This was such a huge crowd-pleaser that spectators were kindly taking turns on a step ladder just to take a quick snap shot from above the crowd.
“The competition originated in 1981 when a group of Imperial Beach residents formed the first Sandcastle Days Committee. The U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition Committee is a nonprofit group and part of the proceeds from the event goes to benefit the Boys & Girls Club. Over the years, the event has grown to attract more than 325,000 spectators.”
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