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Transfer Student Information

Transfer Student Information

Transfer Students

Are you looking to continue your education past the community college level? Have you taken some college courses to decide what you want in a career and you believe media arts is the right path for you? Come and check out how Platt College can use your previous college experience to help you achieve your educational and career goals with us!

Transferring Classes

Let’s take a look at what classes you have taken and if we can give you credit for them! Fill out the form below to submit your transcripts for a free evaluation.

Platt College will accept transfer of general education credits with a minimum grade of “C” or above. The College utilizes American Council on Education (ACE) recommended scores for CLEP and DSST. The College will consider transfer credits from postsecondary institutions approved by the appropriate governing or accrediting agencies of their locality. The College Level Exam Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized tests (DSST), Advanced Placement (AP) tests exams, and Military Training will be considered for transfer. Vocational postsecondary institutions in California must be approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Education. The College has not entered into any articulation agreements with other colleges or universities.

In the case of general education credits for the Associate Degree or Bachelor of Science Degree, credits from other institutions will be accepted, up to four semester credits in each of the following disciplines: Math / Science, English / Language, Humanities / Social Sciences, and Art and an additional two credits in any of these four clusters (the two additional credits are not needed for the B.S. Degree). Additional elective (for a total of two credits) are required of all Associate Degree students. An additional digital portfolio project class (two credits) is required of all Bachelor Degree students. In the Associate Degree, the student must complete at least two credits in each of: College Composition or equivalent; Public Speaking or equivalent; and Personal Finance or equivalent. In the Bachelor of Science degree, the student must complete at least two credits in each of: Written Business Communications or equivalent; and Introduction to Algebra/Geometry or equivalent.


Have you done some work in the industry? Do you think you have acquired the skills necessary to move on? Contact us through the form below to learn more about how to use your previous media arts experience to get credit for a class.

Platt College permits credit-by-exam for technical courses. Credit–by-exam is available to those students who possess a well-rounded knowledge in a particular subject and possess a well-developed portfolio or demo-reel. Students who wish to test out of general education course work may do so through the national College Level Exam Program- CLEP ( Students who attend a Platt College technical course for more than three sessions are not eligible for credit-by-exam in that subject matter.

The lower division credit-by-exam consists of a portfolio assessment and a practical exam. Upper division credit–by-exam is comprised of an assessment of the demo-reel, a practical exam and a written exam equivalent to the final examination for the particular class. Not all technical classes are available for credit-by-exam. Please see the administration office for more details.

Think you’re eligible? Fill out the form below to schedule a portfolio review or exam to receive credit.