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Platt College San Diego – Notable Alumni Infographic

November 2nd, 2015 |

Platt College San Diego – Notable Alumni Infographic

Platt College Notable Alumni Infographic

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Students from Platt College San Diego go on to achieve exciting and successful careers in the digital media arts. See what a few of our notable alumni are currently up to:    Platt College San Diego Notable Alumni Infographic

Darrin Lauritzen

Darrin Lauritzen attended Platt and went on to become a Depth Artist for Legend 3D.

Tyler Phillips

Former Platt student Tyler Phillips now works as a Character Animator for DreamWorks Animation.

Patrick Kajirian

Patrick Kajirian became SEO Manager for Disney Interactive after his time at Platt.

Samaria Daniels

After her time at Platt, Samaria Daniels became a Motion Graphics Artist/Editor at Activision.

Larry Berry

Former Platt student Larry Berry is now Senior Art Director for DC Entertainment.

Josh Swanson

Josh Swanson studied at Platt and now works as a Paint/Roto Artist for Digital Domain 3.0 in Vancouver. To learn more about what Platt College can do for you, check out our programs in graphic design, web design, 3D animation, video production, and visual effects today!  

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