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Platt Students Most Popular Creations from 2013

December 30th, 2013 |

Top 10 Student Creations from 2013

The year 2013 is almost over so to celebrate the coming year we are taking a look back at our most popular Platt College student creations! This list was calculated by the total amount of likes, shares and views from our posts on Facebook. It was a great year for so many of our digital media design students and we look forward to what 2014 has in store for them!

1. Justin Edelman – Best Military Homecoming

Platt student Justin Edelman hit over a million views (1,024,619) on Youtube for his Best Military Homecoming video. Such talent is not going unnoticed! So far his pieces have been featured and discovered by Carrie Underwood, Bad Robot… who next??…. I’m certain this isn’t the last to notice Justin’s Talent! Read more on Justin’s Blog!

2. Natasha Englehardt – Gwen Stefani Portrait

Natasha Englehardt received a surprise autographed canvas print signed by Gwen Stefani! Natasha created the portrait of Gwen Stefani during her Term 2 Illustrator Class and did a fantastic job promoting her original work on Facebook. Not only did she get noticed by No Doubt’s Digital Media Manager and Gwen herself but she received this amazing gift from her childhood Idol. Read More on our Blog!
No Doubt
Tony and Gwen from No Doubt took a moment to pose with Natasha’s art before signing it!

2. Alejandro Gomez – Cereal Package Redesign

Platt College student Alejandro Gomez was recognized by General Mills for his cereal package redesign! Click the link to read the article General Mills published on his creative design! Mashups

4. Bob Marley Acrylic Painting by Graphic Design student Savannah Morgan

Bob Marley

5. Patricia Totemeier – Package Design

Platt College student Patricia Totemeier created this package design project for her Term 2 Intro to Illustrator Class. For this assignment students are asked to pick a product of their choice and redesign the label and create an advertisement out of their newly designed product. Barbasol Ad

6. Chard Escobar – 3D Mech

Platt College student Chard Escobar created this impressive 3D Mech for his Term 4 Intro to 3D Animation class. For this project students are asked to model an object of their choice and then texture it before finally importing it into Photoshop to add a background. 3D Mech

7. Marielena Villalobos – Back to the Future Drawing

An amazing Back to the Future drawing from Platt Graphic Design student Marielena Villalobos. She was honored with an art exhibition on campus during one of our courtyard events showcasing her other amazing creations.Back to the Future

8. Joel Morillo – Steampunk Assault Rifle

Many Platt College students are not only talented in the realm of digital media design but other realms of art as well. This amazing Steampunk Assault Rifle was crafted and hand made by Platt student Joel Morillo! Excellent work! To see more of his steampunk projects check out his deviantART gallery.Steampunk Rifle

9. Stacey Uy – Dumb & Dumber Poster

Platt College Graphic Design student Stacey Uy created this portrait of Jim Carrey’s character from the movie Dumb & Dumber for her term 2 Intro to Illustrator class. For this project students are asked to create a portrait of whomever they choose with the tools they have been taught in Adobe Illustrator. Lloyd Christmas

10. Josie Gamper – Fifty People, One Question

Platt College Video Production student Josie Gamper produced, edited and directed this very inspiring short film called Fifty People, One Question. This film was created as her final project for her Term 5 Digital Video Production class where students learn more about the video production process, including pre-production, production and post-production. Are you a current Platt College San Diego student or graduate looking to have your work featured on our website or social media outlets? If so, please contact Platt’s social media coordinator Natasha Englehardt at to be considered! We love bragging about our students!

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