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Cupcakes CupcakesKrystiana Brzuza-Hardisty, Gallery TypeDigital Video Production
Jason Mraz Poster Jason Mraz PosterDennis Capati, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
James Garrovillas Self Portrait James Garrovillas Self PortraitJames Garrovillas, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Boxer Line Art Boxer Line ArtFrancisco Quinones, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Mercedes-Benz Commercial Mercedes-Benz CommercialMike Rodriquez, Gallery TypeDigital Video Production
[hy*drau”lx] Logo [hy*drau”lx] LogoBrian Long, Gallery Type3D Animation
The Chop Shop Motion Comic The Chop Shop Motion ComicJeff Garcia, Gallery TypeDigital Video Production
Hummingbird Motion Tracking Hummingbird Motion TrackingJames Eggelston, Gallery TypeVisual Effects & Compositing
Jaime Sandoval Type Exploration Jaime Sandoval Type ExplorationJaime Sandoval, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Beyond Wonderland Poster Beyond Wonderland PosterBrittany Lindsay, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Joan Olonan Typography Joan Olonan TypographyJoan Olonan, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Class Act Kinetic Typography Class Act Kinetic TypographyJarod Octon, Gallery TypeVisual Effects & Compositing
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