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Explore Web Design Careers


Art Director

Determines the look-and-feel of the entire site. Creates original graphics and icons for use on the site. Implements the web design parameters, style guides and visual standards. Establishes and produces graphic material for use in advertising and promotion of online services and products. Requires a bachelor’s degree with at least 4 years of experience in the field. Generally manages a group of exempt and nonexempt employees. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Typically reports to a senior manager.

Creative Director

Responsible for quality of work produced while overseeing all creative projects and staff.

E-commerce Site Developer

E-commerce Web Site Developers focus on the commercial application of a website; how will it be used to generate business and conduct transactions. E-commerce web designers and developers should be highly skilled in creating transaction-oriented web sites, online catalogs, shopping cart software, web site search capabilities, and forms. A strong knowledge of HTML, familiarity with Dreamweaver, and solid project management skills are essential, while knowledge of ASP, Cold Fusion, or Microsoft SQL Server is often also required.

Front End Designer

The production, modification and maintenance of websites and web application’s user interfaces.

Game Designer

Game designers use graphic design, animation, and coding techniques to bring interactive games to life. They are often required to have strong leadership and communications skills as well as a great sense of what makes a game fun to play. They may be asked to design, program, document, tune, and balance games. Software skill requirements may vary depending on the job, but talent and experience for hip game trends is a universal necessity.

Interactive Production Artist

Interactive Production Artists bring the flat designs of the Art Director to life, re-creating them using Flash, Director and web programming languages such as dynamic HTML and Flash ActionScript. Expert knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as familiarity with file optimization and compression techniques, is often required. Interactive Production Artists have an important job. They are usually the people implementing the animation that powers intros, banners, menus, games, and buttons.

Motion Graphics Artist

Handles compositing, design, and animation of various types of media content for advertising productions, including TV commercials, movie titles, and Flash content.

Motion Graphics Designer

A Motion Graphics Designer creates animated artwork for a variety of mediums: the internet, television, and movie are a few. Motion Graphics can be seen in commercials, web movie clips, stand-alone presentations, trailers, intros, and post production work for television and movies. An accessible online Reel of edited motion graphics work and /or professional Flash movie clips is usually required. Photoshop is one of the best applications to master if you want to excel as a Motion Graphics Designer. Other applications such as Flash, After Effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and sometimes Avid training is required.

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia Designers often work as part of a team to create rich web sites, CD-Roms, DVDs or exhibition materials. Regardless of the medium they work in, they should be familiar with a variety of story telling tools, such as graphics, sound, video and animation. Some Multimedia Designer positions include creating interactive learning modules, games, advertising campaigns, marketing materials, online communities and intranet systems. Strong creative skills combined with extensive knowledge of design software and programming languages such as ActionScript and dynamic (D) HTML are essential.

New Media Specialist

New media specialists often create graphic effects that enrich multimedia products, including narration, 3D animation, sound effects and progress reporting. Expert knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Flash and Dreamweaver is usually required. An ability to produce for various media channels such as web, print, and multimedia is beneficial. New Media Specialists should also have a great understanding of html, dynamic html, and Actionscript.

Production Artist

Production Artists must be highly organized and able to work efficiently on multiple projects to meet tight deadlines. They need to implement quick revisions to match a client’s, Art Director’s or Senior Designer’s requests. Print-oriented Production Artists are often required to have software training in QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. Experience proofing, preflighting, preparing and press checking files are also extremely beneficial for print Production Artists. Multimedia and Web savvy Production Artists should have extensive knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready and Flash. They should be familiar with image compression, file correction, and optimization techniques.

Web Content Specialist

Responsible for the production and repurposing of text/graphic/audio content on sites.

Web Designer

Design, create, and modify Web sites.

Web Developer

Produces and designs the invisible mechanics (or server-side applications) that run many of the sophisticated functions on a website.

Web/Graphic Designer

The Graphic / Web Designer is responsible for the concept and execution of visual layouts, web pages, and various print and electronic design projects.

Web Master

Builds and maintains websites, operating it differently for different types of websites.

Web Media Designer

Web Media Designers utilize all of the media possibilities of the web: Flash animation, Java applications, streaming and downloadable video, streaming and downloadable audio, etc.