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15 Best Graphic Design Blogs to Follow

August 3rd, 2016 |

Graphic Design BlogsWhether you’re a graphic designer looking for inspiration, a student hoping to sharpen your skills, or just someone who loves graphic design, there are some truly great graphic design blogs out there right now. Here are the 15 best graphic design blogs to follow right now, and a little bit about what they have to offer.

Friends of Type

For updated designs every day and all original features focused on the latest fresh ideas on typographic lettering and design, look to Friends of Type. Its blog has four major contributors as well as guest designers at the end of the month for all new perspectives.

BP&O (Branding, Packaging, and Opinion)

BP&O was founded by British freelance designer and writer Richard Baird, and he also functions as the blog’s editor. Baird’s specialty is packaging and brand identities and he writes regularly for The Dieline, Design Week, and Brand New. On his blog he features brand identity, logos, graphic design ideas, packaging, news, reviews, opinions, and daily design inspirations.


Because so much of graphic design is for tekkies, there’s HHTPSTER. This resource is packed with lots of useful content including application software, culture, design and illustration, education, events, inspiration resources, news, and product reviews, as well as the blog portion itself. You can also find a range of illustrative and typographic art designs here, everything from retro to modern.

I Love Typography

I love Typography (ILT) is the online home for lovers of lettering, type design, and typography. It was created to make the study of typography more accessible to everyday people, and in the process it became a major source of inspiration for designers all over the world.

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a cross between a design book and a website, intended to help artists collaborate and generate ideas on how to grow their own brand identities and design logos for themselves. The blog writers are more interactive than average, encouraging people in the design community to reach out to them.

Gura Fiku

Gura Fiku is a stunning collection of visual research curated by designer Ryan Hageman. It is focused on the rich history of Japanese graphic design, and offers some of the most visually striking images you will see online.


Typewolf is a fantastic resource for graphic designers, especially when you need inspiration or references for unusual or innovative fonts. It offers guides and other resources as well as a cool look at web fonts in the wild.

Creative Review

Creative Review is a classic resource for creatives, offering stunning visuals, quality production, cutting edge editorial features, and the interaction of a loyal readership from all over the world. Although the focus of the site is on the ways creativity in general changes different aspects of our world, this site offers lots of great inspiration in its natural environment for graphic designers.

Aisle One

For graphic designers who prefer modern, minimalistic typography in particular, Aisle One offers an amazing collection and an inspiring portal to the work of different artists from all over the globe. You can also find graphic manuals here which are very useful.

It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That publishes all kinds of inspiring, innovative graphic design work to help open up the field to the world and nurture the profession. The site features new work every day and you can also find creative branding resources here.

Design Notes

Design Notes is one of the longest running graphic design blogs, having been around for more than ten years. It features ideas and advice on how to design applications and features a huge collection of designs, including abstract, classic, data organization, minimalist, modern, photography, and typography.

Brand New

Brand New, part of graphic design firm UnderConsideration, chronicles and reviews brand identity, especially new designs and redesigns of well-known companies, products, and organizations. If you cheer for and agonize over logo redesigns, this is the spot for you.

Designers Who Blog

Designers Who Blog is a melting pot created by designers who want to share ideas and inspiration and features animation, typographic, and banner designs, and other designers from all over the world. You’ll also find podcasts and many other resources here.

Design Bloom

Designboom is a digital architecture and design magazine that features the latest issues and news in design, art, architecture, and technology for creatives in the field. It curates the best projects from all over the world and has been in operation for more than 17 years, so it has a great reach and depth in its archives with more than 43,000 articles to use as resources.

You The Designer

You The Designer, part of, was created to help designers refocus and avoid burnout by getting refreshed and inspired. If you’re feeling stifled with the same old design ideas, this blog and its useful freebies are a great resource.


We hope you enjoyed our 15 best graphic design blogs to follow. There is an almost endless variety of graphic design resources available thanks to the Internet, and almost anything can happen in a year in the blogsophere. Keep up with the latest in graphic design culture and inspire yourself to stretch your horizons by following the freshest graphic design blogs this year.

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