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227th Anniversary of the US Constitution Celebration

September 19th, 2014 |

Constitution Celebration

Live Classical Music to Celebrate the Anniversary of the US Constitution

Platt College San Diego students enjoyed a fun celebration in the courtyard earlier this week to celebrate the 227th Anniversary of the US Constitution. As a special treat for the morning celebration we were blessed with beautiful music performed live by the San Diego Symphony. Between delicious grilled hot dogs and refreshing ice cream, we provided plenty of tasty treats for all the students and faculty. Our Dean Marketa also enjoys taking the opportunity to celebrate historical events by hosting a fun trivia game. Students had the opportunity to win a VIP parking space and other cool prizes. Here at Platt we enjoy celebrating many different cultural events in our courtyard. Stay tuned for information about our future events and celebrations by liking our Facebook page.
Blog Written by Natasha Englehardt

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