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Student Spotlight: Creative Illustrations by Jazmin Castillo

August 26th, 2014 |

Jazmin Castillo

Creative Illustrations by Platt College Student Jazmin Castillo

If you enjoy bright, colorful and surreal artwork then you will love these illustrations created by Platt College student Jazmin Castillo. We’ve been watching her artwork since she started school here and we’re always inspired by her latest creations. For this spotlight blog we’ve highlighted some of our favorite work from Jazmin and asked her some questions about what challenges and what inspires her creations. If you enjoy what we’ve shared here, be sure to check out her Behance Portfolio for more of her excellent work!Jazmin CastilloInterviewer: How long have you been drawing and designing? How did your love of art begin?Jazmin: I started drawing when I was very young, the age where all children are encouraged to draw, I never grew out of my love for art. My earliest memories are of me drawing animals out of wildlife books, since then I’ve always enjoyed drawing my own creatures and characters, which is now something I hope to specialize in professionally.Jazmin CastilloInterviewer: What has been your most challenging piece to create and why?Jazmin: I’ve recently been commissioned to design a rather large tattoo for someone. Typically I like to work loosely and freely, but for this especially I needed to make it solid, clean and perfect for the owner. So that was challenging for me, but the client was very happy with the result!Jazmin CastilloInterviewer: Are there any particular classes you have taken at Platt you feel have helped you with your illustrations and paintings?Jazmin: All the graphic design classes have helped me tremendously in my personal work. Learning the software such as Photoshop and Illustrator in depth has improved my efficiency and technique greatly.Jazmin CastilloInterviewer: Who are some of your favorite artists? How do they influence your work?Jazmin: Cory Benhatzel, Quyen Dinh, Tarin Yunagtrakul, BONEFACE, and Ruby Wolfe are a few of many of my favorite artists. I admire how they all create works that are bold, whimsical and provocative, which are attributes I am inspired by and hope to achieve through my own work.Jazmin CastilloInterviewer: What’s your favorite piece you have ever created and why?Jazmin: It’s constantly changing, every time I create something new it becomes my favorite. I put much dedication and love into each of my drawings, so naturally my favorite is a current piece. I can always look forward to creating my next favorite work.Jazmin CastilloInterviewer: Do you have any advice for aspiring artists and designers?Jazmin: Find inspiration in everything, and experimentation and consistency is the key improvement.Jazmin Castillo

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