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Career Services at Platt College San Diego

The ultimate goal of Platt College San Diego is for you to be employed in your field of training.  The school maintains a career services program designed to assist qualified students and graduates in obtaining career goals. Contacts for full or part-time job opportunities are solicited from a variety of industry sources and networking opportunities.  You are encouraged to utilize these employment opportunities as they become available.  The career services department advises you on interviewing skills, resume writing and job search techniques

Although the College cannot guarantee employment, most graduates who actively seek employment with the assistance of the career services department secure jobs in their field of training.  A statistical report indicating placement percentages for each program is provided to each prospective student by the admissions department prior to enrollment.

The importance of regular attendance and satisfactory academic progress is emphasized as qualities that influence potential employers.

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Platt Current Students
Career Services assist in bridging the gap from being a student to being employed.  Platt San Diego graduates have worked for high profile companies such as: DreamWorks, Pixar, Sony, and more.

The career service department meets with each current student and alumni to match their goals with potential employers. We provide additional resources through daily job postings, portfolio workshops, design exhibits, and  guest speakers. To learn more about past events, be sure to visit the Platt blog page regularly.

To facilitate you in your career goals, Platt implements several career services:

  1. Day One Program – Helping you explore goals.
  2. Ongoing Goal Development – Further exploration of skills and goals.
  3. Resume Workshops – Learning about the industry from professionals.
  4. Portfolio Development – Showcasing proficient design skills and talents.
  5. Interview Preparation – Know how to present yourself and portfolio to a potential employer.

1) Day One Program: The exciting journey to fulfill a career goal begins day one at Platt. During the college orientation you are introduced to the Career Services Department and the available services. Next a meeting is arranged between you and a career service representative to explore goals and encourage participation in the services.  Our goal is to assist you in reaching your full potential and be prepared to interview by graduation.  We found working with you early in your educational journey,  results in a better education to career transition, improved interviewing techniques, networking skills and overall career goal fulfillment.

2) Ongoing Goal Development: The Career Service department is available for walk in and scheduled appointments for both current students and alumni.  Additionally, various meetings are scheduled with you throughout your education to further explore your skill set and career goals.  As your interest develop and talents progress, we are able to better match your skill level with the appropriate prospective employer’s requirements.

3)  Resume Development and Workshops:  Career Service representatives perform individual resume guidance as well as arrange resume workshops throughout the year.  Resume workshops allow you to hear from a panel of alumni or business owners within each industry.  During a workshop vital industry trends, realistic expectations, candid and straight forward resume feedback and interview advice is provided from a panel of experts.  In addition, you may meet with a Career Service representative to create a resume that reflects your unique skill set, experience and goals.  Emphasis is placed on creativity, excellence and professionalism.

4) Portfolio Development: One of the vital components in preparing for a job interview is to complete a portfolio, which is aimed to showcase your best digital media design work.  At Platt, you are required to develop a portfolio with the guidance of a professor; however, beyond the classroom Career Services seeks opportunities to expand portfolio development, critique and exposure. Occasionally a guest speaker may participate in a one-on-one portfolio meeting with you, while you are developing or when you have completed your portfolio.  During this type of workshop and depending on a company’s availability, As a Platt designer you may receive candid expert opinions regarding your portfolio from a local or high profile company representative. The feedback and direction prove to be invaluable. You are encouraged to focus on your best work and showcase your most proficient skills.

5) Interview Preparation: While preparing for a job interview, you have access to receive individual coaching, role play scenarios, and suggestions for becoming a business professional. For those students who request additional coaching, we offer various practice sessions. The practice sessions boost your confidence in tackling an interview.  Different job opportunities require distinct skills, therefore, based on an your strength, we structure a plan to best suit you.

In today’s ever changing digital media industry, Career Services strives to bridge the gap between your education at Platt College and your future success. By providing a pipeline to invaluable industry professionals, As a student at Platt College you are given the opportunity to excel in your field of study and stand out among other candidates when applying for your dream job!

If you are motivated and willing to be flexible in terms of location and entry level positions you may often find opportunities that may act as stepping stones to your desired digital media career. Furthermore, if you keep in close contact, network and take advantage of services offered by Career Services, you may find success and continued opportunity.

Although the College cannot guarantee employment, most graduates who actively seek employment with the assistance of the career services department secure jobs in their field of training.  A statistical report indicating placement percentages for each program is provided to each prospective student by the admissions department prior to enrollment. The importance of regular class attendance and satisfactory academic progress are emphasized as qualities that influence potential employers.
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When Companies are looking for talented individuals to join their innovated teams, they think Platt College!

Platt welcomes the opportunity to work with employers and learn how the Career Service department may introduce them to talented Digital Media Designers! Assisting employers within the digital media design fields with qualified prescreened candidates is our specialty. We encourage companies to contact us so that we may assist with posting part-time, full-time positions or freelance assignments on the Platt job board and hiring a graduate.

In addition to posting job opportunities, employers are invited to participate in Career Workshops. During this intimate setting guests may discuss the current trends, cutting edge technologies, and focus on the where and how, of finding a job, and keeping it. This is a perfect time for guest and our students to engage in question and answer sessions, portfolio reviews and begin networking.

If you or your company would like to participate, please click here to contact us!
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Alumni are an important part of the Platt College Community. Graduates are encouraged to stay in touch long after they have graduated and joined the professional world. By keeping in touch with Career Services, graduates continue to build upon their skills as they continue to receive support, guidance, and resources for the entire journey ahead. Platt Alumni are invited to further network, showcase work, and continue to participate in Platt’s workshops, design exhibits, cultural trips and all of our extracurricular events.

Since the digital media design industry is one that is constantly progressing, we know it is important to keep up-to-date skills and latest industry trends.  With that in mind, further opportunity to continue learning or skill development may be achieved through professional development courses, diploma programs or auditing a previous class. Professional Development classes are offered year round. Graduates may audit within five years of their graduation date any class previously completed, as determined by current course description.  A Graduate interested in auditing a class must discuss seat availability with the Registrar prior to entering the classroom.

Alumni, share your success story!

Remember your time at Platt College as a student and all the wonderful guest speakers that presented projects, job accomplishments and latest industry trends that you wished to be a part of? Recall the inspiration and knowledge you gained from a professional in the field reviewing your portfolio? Now is your chance as a Platt Alumni to inspire others as they did for you. We encourage our graduates to share their experiences as an industry professional.

Excited about a new project or client you’ve been working for, or received an award for something you have created? Share these exciting moments and inspire others! We enjoy seeing graduates return to celebrate these moments with us. To share your story, click here.

Alumni, participate in a workshop!

Alumni are invited to be an active Platt Community member on and off campus. There are several opportunities to get involved:  return as a guest speaker, participate as a panel guest for a resume & portfolio workshop, join the Platt advisory board, or host a behind the scene field trip.  Have another idea? We would love to hear from you.  Please contact Career Services at: 866.752.8826

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