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School Services

Career Services

The ultimate goal of Platt College San Diego is for graduates to be employed in their field of training. The school maintains a career services program designed to assist qualified students and graduates in obtaining career goals. Leads for full or part-time job opportunities are solicited from a variety of industry sources and networking opportunities. Graduates and students are encouraged to utilize these employment opportunities as they become available. The career services department provides orientation, advises students on interviewing skills, résumé writing, portfolio reviews, and job search techniques.

Although the College cannot guarantee employment, many graduates who actively seek employment with the assistance of the career services department secure jobs in their field of training. A statistical report indicating placement percentages for each program is provided to each prospective student by the admissions department prior to enrollment.

The importance of regular class attendance and satisfactory academic progress are emphasized as qualities that influence potential employers. Career Services maintains and constantly shares job opportunities with students in a dedicated Platt College Career Services Facebook page.

School Safety

The College makes every effort to provide a secure and safe learning environment free from distraction. The school facilities comply with all requirements of federal, state and local safety codes, Board of Health specifications and Fire Marshall or OSHA regulations. A CAL / OSHA Injury Prevention Program is in effect at the College and the program is maintained by the OSHA Program Administrator. Written policy and annual reports are available for review upon request in the administrative office. Forms to report hazards, accidents or crimes witnessed on campus are available in the administration office. An annual Campus Crime and Security report is available in the Admissions office.

Students must be responsible for their own security and safety. Consideration of the security and safety of others is also expected. The school is not responsible for personal belongings that are lost, stolen or damaged on campus or during an off-campus activity. Children and pets cannot be brought into the classroom. Only service animals are allowed.

Students must notify a school employee of an injury or illness either experienced or seen, of a breach in security matters, or of a crime witnessed on campus. In the case of an emergency, a school employee must be notified immediately. Employees have been instructed in how to obtain the services of the appropriate professional help in the most expedient manner.

In case of earthquake, stay inside, take cover under a heavy piece of furniture and hold on. If you are outdoors, move into the open—away from buildings, street lights, and utility wires. You should expect aftershocks.

In case of fire, know the location of fire extinguishers and exits. Help isolate the fire by closing all doors on your way out; do not lock the doors. Do not attempt to fight a fire unless it is a minor fire. If you hear an alarm bell, follow the evacuation route and wait for your instructor.

If you become trapped and a window is available, open it and place an article of clothing outside the window as a marker for emergency personnel. Do not stand in smoke; instead, drop to your knees and crawl to the nearest exit; cover your mouth with a cloth, if possible, to avoid inhaling smoke. Try to alert emergency personnel of your location by calling from your phone or shouting. An evacuation route is posted in each classroom. Take the following steps if an evacuation is necessary:

Platt College Visitors Policy

As we move toward higher and better use for our campus and our programs, we continue to focus on the integrity of our academic setting for current and future students. We also realize, however, that there may be occasion for past students to return to campus for various reasons. These include portfolio updating & review, approved course audits, pre-approved instructor meetings, and/or planned campus-wide events (i.e., student presentations/speaking). As such, we are discouraging campus activities and presence outside of these guidelines. Specifically, we do not allow loitering, social hangouts, or use of PCSD for individual commercial research or production for current OR past students.

Course audits, pre-approved instructor meetings, and/or campus-wide events could likely occur within the normal hours of operation between 8 AM and 12 Noon. However, should the visitor need to work on a portfolio project—for example—we are requiring use of the campus be limited to no more than 2 workdays per week, and between the hours of 1 PM – 5 PM, Monday through Thursday (not on Fridays) in the afternoon Portfolio class Term 2 (Room 101), with approval from Director of Education.

Along those lines, we want to remind all students and alumni to seek the assistance of Career Services toward part-time or full-time opportunities that we track and monitor. If currently using the PCSD facilities for portfolio updating, we ask for a weekly update review meeting with Career Services to review progress and discuss employment possibilities, whether that be an internship, freelance, part-time, or full-time.


If you or someone you know needs help with a drug, alcohol or other mental health problem, please contact any of the following:

Platt College on campus:

County of San Diego

Scripps Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Alvarado Parkway Institute


Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255
Cocaine Anonymous 866-242-2248
Crystal Meth Hotline 619-342-1656
Narcotics Anonymous 800-479-0062
Alcoholic Anonymous 619-265-8762
Marijuana Anonymous 800-766-6779

Housing Assistance

The College does not offer dormitory facilities or housing assistance. Information about housing rentals in the community is available online. Platt College is located near a large State University, thus an abundance of housing is available.


Tutoring accommodations are available by request. The student submits a request to the Director of Education in person, explaining the need and circumstances. The Director approves the request based on student’s performance and academic history, and by reviewing student progress with instructor. A tutor is assigned to the student, in general, for initially 3 hours after class. More hours are approved depending on progress and review by tutor. Available tutors are hired among excellent students interested in helping others, teacher assistants, or alumni versed in the subject. Tutoring hours are tracked by the Director of Education.

Financial Literacy

Platt College San Diego offers financial literacy through the completion of the Personal Finance Management (BUS104) General Education class, scheduled in the Associate of Graphic Design program. The requirements are stipulated in the course syllabus, as a mandatory project done through (

The BUS104 class covers essentials of personal finance including how to make more money, spend less, and investing, as the students complete the following requirements: college and money, credit & protecting your money, debt & repayment, earning money, foundations of money, future of your money, loan guidance, psychology of money, and spending & borrowing.

Veteran Liaison

Platt College San Diego employs the services of a Veteran Liaison staff member to assist veterans with the transition from military life to student life. The Veteran Liaison has an office where veterans can obtain information about the school and information related to veteran support groups in the local area. The Veteran Liaison representative is also a veteran, facilitating the interaction between school and VA students.

Platt College San Diego is approved by the State Approving Agency for Veterans Affairs and participates in several Veterans’ Education Programs. The student needs to contact the VA to determine specific eligibility.

Platt College Library/LRS

Platt College San Diego maintains a central library on campus, with reference material for courses of study. Resource materials include general and specific subject reference books, magazines and professional publication, along with computer stations, printers and scanner. The college also maintains online resources which link the student to various research guides, Internet resources, databases and graphic design / media arts tutorials. Educational and inspirational exhibitions are displayed periodically. The college library is open from Monday – Thursday from 8 AM – 8:45 PM, Fridays from 8 AM – 4 PM, and closed during weekends.